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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 28, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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inexplicab inexplicably. pumpkins crashing. cars, pianos, outhouses. for every pound of pumpkin dropped, the march of dimes gets ten cents. >> i got into a live chat. >> i couldn't get in as a new jersey resident. we'll tell you more tomorrow. here's the real story. thanks, guys. today on "the real story" do you let your kids go on those rides at the state fair? any fair in your neighborhood? in one state something went really wrong. five people hurt. now the ride operator gets charges of assault with a deadly weapon. plus, do you want your teachers carrying heat? one school district voting to allow schoolteachers and staff to carry guns on school grounds saying teachers deserve the same rights as everyone else in the state. new allegations of spying on our friends and allies around the world triggers new outrage. what the president did or did not know, and when. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson.
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hope you had a fantastic weekend. welcome to the "real story." obama care has a new problem. one that shutdown online enrollment in all 50 states. it happened yesterday when a data center critical for allowing americans to buy coverage simply went down. this comes amid new calls for the president to get rid of health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius just days away from her testimony before congress. wende wendell live at the white house. >> reporter: there are going to be tough questions for secretary sebelius when she testifies before a house committee on wednesday. sunday's shutdown came just a few days after she assured reporters that the online experience was getting better. hhs officials say a verizon data hub went down. it's supposed to be back up now, but white house officials admit the system is still not operating as it should. a couple of democratic senators say the website's problems are reason enough to delay the requirement that people who can afford health insurance buy it
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next year. new hampshire senator gene shaheen wants a couple months' delay. joe manchin wants the delay for all of next year. meanwhile, kaiser health says hundreds of thousands of people have been sent cancellation notices by their insurance companies which is ammunition for the critics who challenged the president's promise if you like your insurance, you can keep it. blue cross officials say their subscribers are being offered different and in some cases better plans since starting in january the affordable care act requires plans to include more coverage. senator tom coburn says that still makes them more expensive. >> most people don't work for large corporations that are self-funded and run a program. most of them work for small businesses who are buying insurance market in the small markets. they're going to lose coverage or their employers are going to pay an enormous price increase to be able to do it. >> reporter: white house press secretary jay carney, who is
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briefing now, says the affordable care act requirement that insurance plans cover things like maternity care and that they have no cap on lifetime expenses is what makes them more expensive. carney says many people will have better insurance or less cost and in some cases people whose cost goes up will receive government tax subsidies that actually reduce what they finally pay. gretchen? >> wendell, thanks so much for providing a lot of those answers for us. speaking of the obama care website, now you see her, now you don't. the smiling young woman featured on obama care's website, guess what? she's gone now. scrubbed out in an apparent web do-over. in her place, the far less eye catching quartet of really brilliant icons. to sign up for obama care. the identity of the woman remains a big secret. hard to believe since most people in washington can never keep a secret. there's some speculation she was scrubbed from the site to keep her safe after she became the target of heated criticism of the site in social media. so we want to hear from you.
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what do you think happened to the young woman on the obama care website? tweet us using #therealstory. my facebook question of the day as well. head over there. weigh in. we'll read your tweets and e-mails and facebook posts at the end of the show. meantime, the hits from fugitive leaker edward snowden keep oncoming, leaving the white house in damage control. the obama administration sending off reports now that president obama knew that the nsa was eavesdropping on german chancellor angela merkel's personal phone calls. this as we hear of another bombshell. the nsa reportedly monitored 60 million phone calls made in spain in just a single month. here's jay carney just a few moments ago talking about that scandal. >> was the president kept out of the loop about what the nsa was doing? >> josh, what i can tell you is two things.ibz first, i'm not going to get into details of internal discussions. but the president clearly feels strongly about making sure that
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we are not just collecting information because we can, we do not and will not monitor the chancellor's communications. today's world is highly interconnected. and the flow of large amounts of data is unprecedented. innovation is going to continue. if we're going to keep our citizens and our allies safe, we have to continue to stay ahead of these changes. >> fox news digital politics editor, host of "power play," joins me now. he used a favorite word of mine. executive producer jen williams, this is juicy stuff, chris, right? >> it's discomforting stuff as you think about the relationship between the united states and germany is crucial. arguably our second most important ally. nato, european power house. here we are having this very, very delicate and difficult, very public discussion. it makes angela merkel look bad. it makes the president look bad. but at home, there's a real --
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there's a real concern as it relates to what did president obama know and when did he know it? >> yeah. >> and neither of the answers are particularly good. >> are we to believe as americans that the president of the united states did not know that we were listening in on chancellor merkel's phone calls for five years? and that he found out yet again about this story when he read about it in the news? >> well, we better hope that's not true. we better hope that the background document that the white house put out, leaked out, it seems, to "the wall street journal" is false. and that it is a lie. what they hold is that the president had no knowledge of one of his closest allies, the leaders of one of our nation's closest allies, being spied upon. and that he didn't approve it and he didn't authorize it. because if it's the truth, much more dangerous and much more chilling possibility would be that we have a national security apparatus that can spy on allies, including very important
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ones, without the issay so of t president. let's just hope that spin and talking point is trying to protect the president. otherwise we have a much bigger problem on our hands. >> chilling being the operative word there. chris stirewalt, thanks for your time. >> you bet. new mainstream media outrage now over the benghazi terror attack. but it's certainly not new for you out there, our viewers. because the wrenching report on "60 minutes" last night was information fox uncovered months ago. >> i made it known as a meeting, you were going to get attacked. you were going to get attacked in benghazi. it's going to happen. you need to change wroyour secuy profile. >> joining me now, k.t. mcfarland, fox news national security analyst. when i watched this report last night i thought, well, about time. here we go. the mainstream media asking very critical questions. what was your analysis? >> a couple of things. first of all, the mainstream media has missed every opportunity, in fact, has gone in the other direction in looking at any critical analysis
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of this administration whether it's obama care, whether it's benghazi, whether it's al qaeda. whatever it is, this administration bears no blame. i was in the whut house during watergate. i remember that question. what did the president know and when did he know it? it doomed the nixon presidency. yet no one in the media is asking that question. the second thing, though, is about benghazi. really about the entire middle east. it's as if the administration has al qaeda blindness. and it's a willful blindness. they did not believe that al qaeda was still a threat so therefore when they had warnings prior to the al qaeda attack, prior to the benghazi attack, they ignored them. they didn't beef up security. they didn't rescue. after the fact, they still haven't gone in -- >> the big question, though, is why? because in this report last night, you had the security analyst saying that the al qaeda flags were flying five months before this attack in benghazi. and don't you remember before the election that one of the campaign slogans for president obama was bin laden is dead and al qaeda is on the run.
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if you have all these requests for more security, could it be that this was all about an election? >> sure it was. it was all about an election. remember, when did it happen? it happened just a month before the election. once the administration had determined that ben lin laden w dead and al qaeda was on the run, they were not going to acknowledge even in their own heads that al qaeda still presented a threat. it wasn't just the black flags of al qaeda flying. it was the fact that there was a defense department report, a report from the defense department saying al qaeda is setting up a cell in benghazi. watch out. the repeated requests from the people in the embassy. we need more security. it fell on deaf and blind ears. >> so if it was about the election, now we're post-election. >> right. >> so why would the administration continue to allow al qaeda to become stronger in egypt, syria, iraq, afghanistan? i mean, it's one thing to be blinded before an election. >> right. >> but it's a whole nother thing to have the legacy now of president obama be -- to be
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blinded about al qaeda? your thoughts. >> yeah. as far as the legacy you're absolutely right. they remain blinded about al qaeda. why? if they admit it, then they'd have to go back and say we really did make a big mistake on benghazi. they're not about to admit that. he's looking for a very different legacy. the legacy he wants is an arms control deal with the iranians at almost any price. the iranians want to have the sanctions lifted. they want to have nuclear weapons. whether the administration goes along with okay, you know, the report is that it's going to be a year away before al qaeda -- i mean, before iran gets nuclear weapons, now we find out maybe it's even a month. that's the legacy he's looking for. not al qaeda. he got bin laden. that was the first term. second term he wants to deal with iran. >> k.t. mcfarland, expert on this topic, thank you so much. an alert for you right now. police setting up a perimeter around a movie theater this afternoon. raleigh, north carolina, after an attempted robbery in the area. look at that video. the suspect was subdued. here he is lying face down on
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the roof. more on that story as it continues to come into fox. in the meantime, now that the mainstream media is catching up to the outrage over benghazi, what does it mean for hillary clinton's political future? we debate. fair and balanced, next. plus, the search is on for four prisoners on the run. how they pulled off an escape right out of the movies and what investigators are saying now. a school district giving the green light for teachers to pack heat. in the classroom. where this decision is stirring a lot of hot debate, today. right back. >> the constitution says that we can all carry weapons. we don't have to, but we can all carry weapons. so this vote was to allow people to carry weapons. >> those teachers that -- or staff and volunteers should have the same rights as those that -- citizens that could walk on our school currently with concealed weapons permit should have them. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild.
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fox news alert for you now. we've just heard from the chickasaw police department that two out of the four prisoners, they've been caught after escapes from a prison shower in oklahoma. they were spotted outside wearing orange jump suits before they disappeared. two others still on the loose. now that the mainstream media is jumping on the benghazi out rage band wagon, what does it mean for former secretary of state hillary clinton's political future? as you recall, she was the secretary of state at the time of the deadly terror attack. and here's how she responded when questioned about it at a hearing a few months later. >> the fact is, we have four dead americans. was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> joining me now, julie ra begin ski, fox news contributor a
11:16 am
and lars larson, syndicated talk toe host. what difference does it make, lars? >> how do you run for president of the united states when you have your own incompetence to blame as secretary of state for the deaths of four americans? murdered in benghazi when you had every reason to know that their security was inadequate, as we saw in the interview with some of the security that were on the ground at the time. they warned the state department. the state department didn't want to hear those warnings. i have a feeling it was largely political. and then the fact that she dodged interviews by the congress for so long. when she finally showed up, she says what difference does it make? how do you avoid having americans killed in the future if you don't figure out the incompetence that got americans killed before? >> julie, this story, it appears, is not going away. now the mainstream media looking into it after more than a year. so does this have any kind of political ramifications for hillary clinton if she decides to run for president? >> well, it remains to be seen. but i will say this. and i say this actually in a nonpartisan way. look, when people attacked
11:17 am
george bush for the attacks of 9/11 saying he should have known. he got a report. i said, you know what? that's horrible. it's disingenuous. you're essentially implying the president of the united states allowed and stood back and allowed these horrible attacks to happen. the same thing is the implication here. you're essentially implying that hillary clinton voluntarily stood back and allowed four americans to be murdered. i think let's take politics out of this for a second. this is a horrible, horrible tragedy. >> yeah. >> we need to get to the bottom of what happened. let's not politicize it. >> i'm not sure that's exactly the exact analogy. >> of course it is. >> it's not. >> here's a transcript from the interview last night. the reporter said in that environment you were asking for more security assets and you were not getting them? greg hicks says, that's right. she says, did you fight that? he says, i was in the process of trying to frame a third request but it was not allowed to go forward. lars, is it the same or different? >> it's different. here's why. in august of that year, 2001,
11:18 am
the nsa, then secretary rice -- not secretary rice, but dr. rice, said there is some kind of threat coming from al qaeda that might involve airplanes somewhere, sometime. that was very nonspecific. this was a specific threat message from our own people on the ground who said, we have inadequate security. we have security locally hired that has promised to run away if attacked. which is exactly what they did that night. >> right. >> there's a difference between a specific security threat that could have been answered with additional resources and a nonspecific threat like august of 2011. >> will hillary clinton have to answer this question successfully to be able to run for president. >> she has to address this issue. it permeates the public consciousness about her. let's not forget, this is not to minimize what happened in benghazi, obviously a horrific tragedy from everybody involved. but from a purely political standpoint, hillary clinton's approval ratings have not seemed
11:19 am
to suffer over this. >> true. >> in fact, right now hillary clinton is the front-runner regardless of if she runs again. >> it's been interesting to see as we get closer. got to move on to the next topic. surprise, surprise. obama care. it has to do with the fact former treasury secretary under bill clinton has now said that actually, lars, it's republicans' fault that this whole thing is not working. your thoughts? >> no. it's not republicans' fault. the democrats say they wanted to have single payer. republicans said no, it has to involve the private sector. so the government jumped into the private sector and look what the result is. a $600 million website that doesn't work. and health care costs that are rising dramatically. and the insurance companies point the finger -- blame right where it belongs. at the government's actions in the marketplace. >> here's what he says. so why are today's republicans so upset with an act they designed and their patrons adore? because it's the signature achievement of the obama administration. julie, is it simply because it's
11:20 am
under this -- are republicans really to blame for this website -- >> no, no, no. look, i'm not going to speak for bob reich. having read his column i don't think that's what he's saying. what he's saying and i agree with this is that democrats would have preferred, myself included, a single payer program. the heritage foundation, certainly a conservative organization, proposed the initial skeleton of what you see with obama care. then newt gingrich ran with it back in the '90s. then mitt romney, again republican governor of massachusetts enacted it at the state level. exactly what you see here. it's been a republican proposal time after time. the minute barack obama attaches his name to it, scores of republicans oppose it. orrin hatch of utah was one of the big proponents of this back in the '90s. no longer because barack obama supports it. >> when this passed under nancy pelosi not one republican voted for it. >> of course. because barack obama and nancy pelosi supported it. obviously. >> julie and lars, thanks for your time. >> thank you so much. carnival ride operator in
11:21 am
court today facing criminal charges after an accident injured five people at a state fair. so are your kids safe? do you let your kids go on these rides? it's a really tough question, isn't it? the latest from the courtroom straight ahead. and mourners pack the funeral of a popular high school teacher. what's next for the teenage student charged with her murder? how a grieving community is trying to move forward. >> there's going to be a huge presence here. our kids are going to be safe. our kids are resilient. and our family and our community will get through. [ male announcer ] this is brad.
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hadleigh, massachusetts. flames erupting last night spreading throughout the complex, damaging businesses and residential units there. more than 60 firefighters from a dozen communities battling to bring that fire under control. one firefighter suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital. sad day in massachusetts as 1,000 mourners including hundreds of students turn out for the funeral of colleen ritzer. the popular high school teacher found dead in the woods near her school last week. a 14-year-old student charged in her murder. as the suspect's mother releases a statement saying her heart is broken over the loss of the beloved teacher. this mother puts out this statement today. >> right. >> saying she's heartbroken through her attorney. her son only 14, being charged as an adult. does any kind of empathetic, sympathetic statement, does it change anything in this case? >> it could change something at sentencing. not before sentencing. at sentencing the mother, she'll
11:26 am
be able to be there. the father, whoever else on his side will be there to take the stand and say this is not this boy. this is not who we knew. this is not the love we had in this family. give him a break. but right now, gretchen, no. i don't think it changes a thing. of course the mother is going to come out and say i love this boy. he's a good choild. all of that. he's only 14 as you said. i don't think that changes a lick of anything when it goes to the courtroom, throughout his arraignment, bail setting and all that. >> something else interesting coming out in this story now, more than 130 surveillance cameras inside of this school. no doubt some of them were in the vicinity of this bathroom where this crime apparently ppened. how does that factor into the case. >> absolutely. if i'm prosecuting it, that's exhibit a. i'll never get this kid on the stand. i'm trying him as an adult. i may never get him on the stand. the surveillance, if the reports we have are accurate, it's going to be pretty horrific. the nature of the killing. the getting rid of the body. all of that caught on surveillance.
11:27 am
i am playing that for the jury again and again and again. so they see, yes, he may be a 14-year-old sitting there. but look at the way he acted. >> really. you would actually potentially see the murder happening. >> yes. >> if you're a member of this jury. >> of course, there'll be motions from the defense. the defense lawyer will say, no way. it's so abhorrent, so horrible, we don't need to see it. we stipulate to the fact this teacher died. we don't need to see the video. i think a good judge is going to say, jurors, you need to see exactly what happened. this boy, this 14-year-old is being tried as an adult. you need to see the horrendousness, is that a word? of the crime. you need to see that. >> meantime, an oregon school district's decision to let teachers carry guns in the classroom stirring up lots of controversy. i know you and i both did a lot of research on this. apparently now in the state of oregon you can carry concealed. >> yes. you can carry concealed. the question is whether in a school. not if you're under 21. nobody under 21 can carry concealed. we've also got the federal law. the federal free gun zone law that says no school -- no guns
11:28 am
in the school district. but every state kind of crafts its own law. what oregon has done now here, if you carry concealed and you've got a permit for it and you are a teacher, you may be able to carry that gun -- sorry. if you are a parent you may be able to carry that gun on to the school faculty. that's really frightening. you could have, for example, a parent upset with a teacher and brings a gun in. if they're over 21 and they've got the concealed permit. and they go further than that. what they're trying to do in this one district is say not just parents, but teachers as well. >> teachers, apparently it's st. he helens, oregon. seven schools will allow the adults. the flip side of the argument, lis, is that had teachers been armed in some of these other situations that we've had, newtown, connecticut, for example, maybe they could have acted quicker and killed the person who was coming into the school. >> that's definitely the flip side of the argument. on the flip side of the argument is that a teacher can be disabled, for example. and the gun taken away and turned against the teacher and the kids in the classroom.
11:29 am
it's really a balance here. oregon is stepping out in front of this debate. >> it's so interesting. i always thought schools were gun free zones. >> that's the federal law. >> yes. it's interesting that the state can supersede in certain situations. >> yeah. exactly. >> thanks so much. that's a lot of legal work we just went through. >> i know. thank goodness you're the attorney. thank you very much. >> you've been tonight school law. >> a little bit. accident at a state fair. what went wrong this time? the latest on the ride operator facing serious criminal charges after five people got hurt last week. that's the vortex. have you ever been on that one? feds say they came to confiscate a potato gun? but a veteran reporter says they left with confidential documents and her notes with her sources listed. she joins us live for her first television interview, next. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
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11:34 am
at least 13 people have died. a ride operator charged in an accident at the north carolina state fair in court today. investigators say that the vortex ride suddenly restarted as people were getting off. five people injured. three of them are still in the hospital. live from our atlanta bureau, this is like a parent's worst nightmare, jonathan. i know when i look at these rides for my kids, i wonder, wow, when was the last time they were inspected? should i let them go on it? >> that's a concern many parents and many riders in general have when they go to the fair. this particular fair, the north carolina state fair, has an excellent safety record. all of the rides undergo a mandatory inspection three times. but authorities are accusing this one ride operator of making some alterations to some of the safety features after an inspection. we have some new video that i want to show you right now of the defendant making his first appearance in a north carolina courtroom. the defendant is 46-year-old
11:35 am
timothy dwayne tutterrow of quitman, georgia. he is that ride operator now facing three criminal counts of assault with a deadly weapon. in this case, the alleged weapon is the ride itself. authorities are accusing the operator of tampering with the ride after an inspection in a way that they say compromised safety mechanisms. tutterrow is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon. there you saw him in that video just now. his attorney wouldn't discuss details of the case, but said that his client is devastated by what happened. witnesses say on thursday, a ride called the vortex suddenly went into motion while passengers were exiting and no longer in their safety restraints. dropping some riders from heights of 20 to 30 feet by some estimates. at least five people were injured. three of them remain hospitalized. now, gretchen, early this morning, around 3:00 this morning, another fair worker was
11:36 am
injured while dismantling another ride that just by coincidence is also called the vortex. he was taken to the hospital with an alleged leg injury. authorities point out the vortex he was injured on has a separate manufacturer and is apparently a completely different type of ride than the vortex that is at the center of this ongoing criminal investigation. gretchen? >> all right. thanks so much for that clarification. thanks much, jonathan. this next story raising serious questions about government overreach. a conservative reporter says the fed is in a predawn raid took her files while searching her home for guns. including a toy potato gun. she thinks the government may have an ulterior motive for conducting the search. joining us now in her first tv interview, audrey hudson, washington correspondent for "the colorado observer." great to see you, audrey. >> thanks for having me, gretchen. >> let's go back to 1986. i know your husband had some sort of a gun charge back then. is that what this all stems
11:37 am
from? >> no. that has nothing to do with this. my husband was a federally licensed firearm dealer. however, what this has to do with is he purchased a potato launcher. it looks exactly like this. it's a novelty item. >> right. >> he purchased it online five years ago. the search warrant they presented at our house at 4:30 in the morning said that they came to recover this potato launcher. however, once they were in the house, the first thing that the homeland security officer asks me was, are you the same audrey hudson who wrote all of the federal air martial stories for the washington times? >> wow. because you had written some articles about air martials criticizing what? >> correct. i wrote numerous articles. i had a wealth of confidential informants. the main story i wrote that aggravated the agency was they lied to congress about how many flights they were actually
11:38 am
protecting from terrorists. >> do you think you were specifically targeted? in other words, do you think that they came up with this potato gun raid that they had to do at your house predawn hours, but what they really wanted was what they ended up walking away with, which was what? >> what they ended up walking away with were my confidential notes. i didn't even know that they had taken these until a month later. they calm ecalled me on the pho said, by the way, you can come and pick up your files. i said, what files. when i asked them why they had the federal air marbshal files e said we needed to run it by the tsa to make sure it was legitimate for you to have these files. they're my files. my typewritten notes, handwritten notes. my files. by the way, the privacy protection act guarantees that government cannot look at a reporter's notes unless there are very specific circumstances. so essentially they came into my house, they stole my notes,
11:39 am
they've exposed my sources. >> so i want to read the statement that comes from the coast guard. here's what they had to say. the documents were reviewed with the source agency and determined to be obtained properly as you just said, through the freedom of information act. the cg, coast guard employee, was notified the documents were cleared and the cg employee picked them up after signing for the documents. or are they talking about your husband in that case being the cg in play? >> no. that's who took the documents, the coast guard is part of homeland security. and that's really frustrating. because only one file contained a document that i obtained under the freedom of information act, which is what they said they wanted to check out. the letter that came with the document clearing it was still attached. there was no question. >> people watching -- >> the other documents -- sorry. >> sorry to interrupt. people watching right now are going to be saying, are you telling me that this may have been some sort of intimidation because of stories that you had
11:40 am
written that were critical of this administration? >> it's clearly intimidation. >> so you believe that you were clearly and specifically targeted, and that the -- the whole thing about the gun, the potato gun, was a cover? >> i do. >> and so what are you doing now? what's your answer? and why did you come forward? >> well, "the washington times" who i wrote the stories for, they are pursuing legal action. so they're going to take that track. and i came forward for two purposes. one, i needed to let my sources know they could have been compromised by the notes that were taken. and also i want to make sure that this doesn't happen to another reporter. because we can't just have the government coming into your house on a minor warrant and walk out with whatever files they please of our work product. >> very interesting story. audrey hudson, thanks so much for your time today. keep us posted. >> thank you, gretchen.
11:41 am
let us know what you think about that story as well. they may be related, but they have very different views, especially when it comes to obama care. the president's second cousin once removed. a tea party member? he's going to join us live. and the trial of a doctor accused of murdering his wife so he could keep up an affair now getting even juicier. his mistress has this to say about their relationship. >> how often were the two of you having sexual relations? >> we would see each other about a couple times a month. there were months when we didn't see each other. i think we probably had sex half the time. i mean, sometimes it was just lunch. max and penny kept our bookstore
11:42 am
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call now and ask one of their representatives about a plan that meets your needs. so, what are you waiting for? go call now! we'll finish up here. time for me to tell you what's getting clicked on the web right now. singer chris brown due in court today on a felony assault charge. he's accused of punching a man in the face really early yesterday in washington, d.c. the arrest could affect his probation for assaulting his on
11:45 am
again, off again girlfriend rihanna back in 2009. movie star sylvester stallone showing off his artwork. i thought we were going to say something else. just his artwork. at the russian museum in st. petersburg. the veteran actor says if he had the choice he would spend his life drawing instead of acting. belly rubs on the baby bump a big no no in pennsylvania. a state law protects pregnant women from the unwanted attention. offenders could face a criminal charge of harassment if they rub. all across the country, reports of monthly premiums spiking because of obama care. according to a recent study conduct bid the heritage foundation, a conservative think tank, arkansas, georgia, arizona, vermont and kansas are seeing the worst of it. dr. milton wolf is from kansas. he's a board certified diagnostic radiologist. he's also the tea party candidate who just mounted a primary challenge to republican senator pat roberts in that state. and he's president obama's
11:46 am
second cousin once removed. good to see you, doctor. >> thanks for having me, gretchen. congratulations on the new show. >> thank you so much. a lot of people watching are going to say, wait a minute. second cousin once removed from president obama. and you're in the tea party? >> you know, they say you cannot choose your own family. but you can choose to rise up and stop your family from destroying america. that's what i'm -- that's what i intend to do. >> that is not a light hearted statement. what do you mean by that? >> well, you know, the sad thing is about barack obama, and i don't mean anything personal against him, but he doesn't understand america. at least he doesn't understand american exceptionalism. what makes america exceptional is that unlike other countries around the world, our citizens are sovereign. you know, the power in america should reside in the people. and our government needs to relearn its place as servant rather than master. >> have you ever had a chance to tell him that?
11:47 am
i understand that your mom and his mom grew up together in kansas. have you ever met the president? have you ever been able to tell him you 100% disagree with him? >> indeed, i have. i think there are probably few people in this world who have looked barack obama in the eye and stood toe to toe and told him he's wrong. and he is wrong. he is wrong to not trust americans with their own basic health insurance decisions. he's wrong to think that the government should step in between a doctor and their patient. he's wrong to tell a mother who takes her young child into the e.r. at 3:00 a.m. in the morning that that doctor has to check with bureaucrats to see what treatments can be given. he is simply wrong. >> so you decided you wanted to be the tea party candidate against kansas senator pat roberts, a republican, who's been in that seat for quite some time. but it had something to do with the health and human services secretary, kathleen sebelius. and you found it ironic that it was senator roberts who was one of the first to ask for her
11:48 am
resignation. because they were long-time friends, correct? >> well, this is true. but i'll tell you what. i'll give you 17 trillion reasons why we need to replace every one of those career politicians in that congress. that debt is crushing us, and it's destroying our future. i'll give you 11 reasons why that has to include senator pat roberts. that's the number of times he has voted to increase the debt ceiling. but i'll give you one reason why we need to replace senator pat roberts today. if it was not for senator pat roberts, we would not have kathleen sebelius as the head of hhs. kathleen sebelius has been a disaster since she's been in washington. but it should be no surprise. she was a disaster when she was in kansas. her heavy handed government mandates on insurance chased several companies out of the state. and left tens of thousands of kansans without insurance. you know, she also provided -- single handedly cut -- single handedly provided cover for the most prolific mass murderer in the kansas state history, that being george tiller, the third
11:49 am
trimester abortionist. >> a very controversial topic. >> everything about her -- >> we're going to hear more from her -- >> he knew all this before he voted for her. >> sorry to cut you off. we're tight on time. she's going to be testifying just 48 hours from now. so we will wait to hear how that goes. great to meet you, dr. wolf. >> i'll tell you, you can tune into our website at i'm not here to send a career politician a message. i'm here to send a career politician home. your viewers can contribute, can get on our website, they can help us get this job done. >> you may be a doctor, but you're a good politician already. you know how to talk. thanks so much, doctor. new developments in the sensational murder trial. what a mistress named gypsy says about her affair with the doctor accused of murdering his wife and trying to make it look like an accident. trace is going to have all the details for us. plus, maybe you should buy some lotto tickets. a man struck by lightning not
11:50 am
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the former mistress of a utah doctor accused of murdering his wife set to take the stand again when the trial resumes tomorrow. prosecutors say martin macneill killed his wife, michelle, so he could keep up his affair with a woman named gypsy willis. but on the stand yesterday, willis said their affair was never that serious. trace gallagher is live with more on this story.
11:54 am
>> reporter: she is the prosecution's star witness but there were times when she didn't do the prosecution many favors. at one point she told them the affair was casual and they didn't see each other that much. now listen to when she talks about how martin macneill showed concern about his wife's heart condition prior to her upcoming plastic surgery. listen. >> i overheard a conversation where -- she had stopped and gotten her blood pressure checked and it was quite high, and he said you've got to get that under control if you're going to have the surgery. >> remember, the initial autopsy showed michelle macneill died of heart disease but the prosecutors dead make headway point ought martin macneill was helping gypsy willis financially through nursing school, and when his wife died, macneill hired gypsy willis as a nanny. she took on the identity of one of his adopt editors who had gone back to the ukraine.
11:55 am
prosecutors show that in the days before the wife died, macneill and gypsy willis called and texted dozens upon dozens of times and that their relationship had clearly gotten more serious. listen. >> do you remember e-mailing the potential suitor in march of 2007. >> in the letter i wrote in response to a guy that was asking me on a date. >> okay. so in march 6, 2007, you e-mailed another suitor and said, a good and best friend has become much more than that, and because of that it would be inappropriate for the two of you to meet. >> correct. >> pointing out they were exclusive at that point in time. gypsy willis is back on the stand tomorrow morning. the trial expected to last at least three, maybe four more weeks. >> wow. thanks for the update. ole miss has one of college
11:56 am
football's most cherished tradition. guess who started it all. that's coming up next. [ male announcer ] progresso's so passionate about its new
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tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste.
11:59 am
talk about one lucky guy. rodeo clown hit twice buy lightning, lives to tell the tale. >> it dropped me to me knees and then hit me again, and it was two big flashes and sparks. i give everything to god. i owe everything to him, kept me alive. >> he lost sensation some n some parts of his bowed but has it back now. >> guess what leads to the hotty toddy cheer on saturday night. i'm gretchen karlson, host of the "the real story." my friend told me about oxford but i have a very important question to ask. are you ready!
12:00 pm
>> my gosh, a huge honor, a lot of fun, shepard smith is reporting live. shep, you went to ole miss and i wore red for you today. >> everybody e everyone in rebel nation appreciates it. now if we can just win out. look out, arkansas. >> the news begins anew. have you heard? red bull is being sued now? millions and millions and millions of dollars from a family that says, your product killed our relative. how? we'll have the details on that. let's get to it. good afternoon from the news deck on a monday. a worker's attempts to cut corners may be what turned a packed ride at the far into a deadly weapon. one that launched riders into the sky and threw them to the ground. that's according to prosecutors
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